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About Cothelstone Hill

Carpet of blue bells at seven sisters
Cothelstone Hill is a special place. It is rich in wildlife and archaeological features, and has unsurpassed 360-degree views. The hill is managed under a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, which means that its quality as a heritage landscape is recognised nationally.


The hill is part of the Somerset County Council estate leased to the South West Heritage Trust, which is an independent charity committed to protecting and celebrating Somerset and Devon’s rich heritage.  


The Quantock Hills AONB Service manages Cothelstone Hill on behalf of the South West Heritage Trust. The AONB Service ensures that the hill’s rich biodiversity, valuable habitats, heritage and archaeology are protected and enhanced. 



  • Please take your litter home.

  • Cothelstone Hill is Open Access Land. Between 1 March and 31 July you must keep dogs on a short lead. This is to protect ground-nesting birds, pregnant deer, sheep and lambs. At all other times dogs must be under close control.

  • Never have a fire anywhere in open country.

  • Please do not feed the ponies or wildlife.

  • You must not use metal detectors on Cothelstone Hill.



To contact the Quantock Hills AONB Service call: 01823 451 884 or visit  FB: /quantockhills Twitter: @quantockhills

Ways you can help protect Cothelstone Hill
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